I am the mother of two beautiful, strong and courageous girls. My daughters are now the center of my universe. They have brought balance and great joy to my life. They have also brought a sort of chaos to my life that continues to challenge me on a daily basis. Some years ago, I became a  wife, marrying the father of my daughters and forever friend. I have had the fortune of traveling to many far off lands.  Egypt, Italy, and Greece being some of my most memorable.  I started working with children and families close to sixteen years ago, teaching at a progressive private school. As an educator I became deeply rooted in progressive pedagogy.  This opportunity led me down a path of self-discovery,  enabling me to grow both professionally and personally.  Working with children, individuals and families has become a passion and I have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences.

I am a graduate of Pacific Oaks College with a degree in Human Development, specializing in Art Education, and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, working out of private practice in Altadena, CA.  I see a wide array of clients, including children, families, individuals and couples. I consider myself to be an Existentialist, and have chosen to adopt this philosophy both personally and professionally.  The most fundamental goal of existential therapy is helping people find value, meaning and purpose within their lives. When working with children I utilize play and art during the treatment process. Because children are still in the process of acquiring language skills, art can be a useful and tangible means of communication.  When trauma has occurred, an existential approach to art therapy can become a healthy therapeutic tool for self-expression and communication.  Art therapy enables children, families and adults alike to tell, own, and honor their trauma as part of the therapeutic process.

As a therapist, I find value in all theoretical models. I am very drawn to traditional ways of healing, methods and ways of doing and being that are deeply rooted in Native American and Shamanic practice. Connecting and healing the mind, body and spirit embodies a holistic approach to our physical and mental well-being. I find tools and techniques that include compassion focused therapy, art and play therapy, as well as mindfulness based approaches, and guided imagery to be of great value and importance. My goal as a therapists is to assist clients in finding balance and tangible solutions through meditation, critical thinking and problem solving. I seek to help people meet their challenges with compassion, awareness, openness, and courage.

I feel extremely grateful on this journey and truly look forward to the work that will and has become so important to me.