Dear Fear, Bon Voyage

I read somewhere that fear is the opposite of love. Some say that the two cannot coexist. Essentially, what I think this means is that by letting fear run the show, ultimately, one is telling the universe that they no longer trust that whatever happens is in the highest good. You can make your own conclusion on the matter. Me? Well…Lets just say that it’s been a process, a long, arduous process that has been filled with great emotion, self-reflection and acceptance. That last part about acceptance has been the most difficult for me. I can hold onto it some days at greater lengths than others. And on some days, it has this ability of slipping through my fingers like water on a rainy day.

In about exactly one week from today, I will have the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m going to let go of fear. As I typed that last sentence, I could feel my heart start to beat just a tad bit faster. Yup, that’s right. I’m breaking up with Fear. I’ve been holding on to Fear for a while now. We kinda started a relationship together when my youngest daughter starting having seizures at four months of age. Right around that time, I can remember handing the keys over to my new friend, Fear. Here you go Fear, you take the keys and drive. I can’t see.

Dear Fear,

We have been together for some time now. I’ve been carrying you around with me and you’re getting heavy. You keep me up at night and sometimes you wont let me sleep. You keep me from being present.

I have to let you go. 

It’s time….



My soul is here on earth to learn something. Fortunately, I have not completely turned my back on the universe. Through everything I have been through over the last couple of years, I managed to find myself amongst a group of very compassionate, curious, kind and altruistic beings. It is with these select few that I will embark on my first Shamanic journey. On Tuesday April 11th my Journey will take me to a 30-foot waterfall with three or four stops along the way. I’m told there will be “significant natural beings (Stone People, Plant People, Water People) for journeying, reflection, group processing and ceremony.” That last part about stone, plant and water people is an excerpt from my guide, Dr. Allen Holmquist. I have grown to admire him and feel extremely blessed and grateful to have both him and his wife as guiding lights in my life.


There will be two ceremonies.

  1. Letting go or releasing some aspect of the you that you walk around with these days:  a block, “issue”, feeling, attitude, belief, grudge or anything you want to be rid of or past.
  2. Calling, attracting, invoking, and welcoming some quality or energy that you want to have more of or welcome for the first time.

As part of this ritual, I will take some time most every day on this. My guide suggests “weaving it into your meditation, prayer, reflection, and contemplation time.”

In his experience, “shamanic and meditative inner and outer journeys begin considerably before the bon voyage. Remember that time and space dimensions are distorted in altered states of consciousness. Usually expanded although sometimes contracted.”

What I’m feeling goes something like this…

Bon Voyage Fear. Go Take a Hike!






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